This article will cover the soft fixes you can take if you are having problems with your cordless lawnmowers wheels.


Wheels can fall off due to vibration in the axle shaking off the fixing parts (washer and circlip). These may not have been fixed properly at factory. You may notice that they are rattling inside your wheel.

Depending on the size of your model, this is how to fix this problem:

  1. Lever off the wheel trim/hub cap.
  2. Locate the flat washer & circlip, which are most likely loose inside the wheel.
  3. Make sure the metal bearings are in place inside the wheel.
  4. Fit the wheel back onto the axle.
  5. Slot on the flat washer, followed by the circlip. Put these flush, as close as possible, to the wheel bearing.
  6. Fit the wheel trim/hub cap back onto the wheel.

Wheel set up for 34cm^ - applies to 34cm blade mowers and above

On smaller models: ie.) 32cm, follow the same procedure as above, but instead of there being a circlip and washer, there is just a 'locking ring' which fixes the wheel in place. There are also no separate wheel bearings, as they are already present in the wheel itself.

Note: If you are missing these axle-fixing parts (washers & circlips or locking ring - or wheel bearings), then please contact our helpline and we may be able to provide you with some replacement parts. 

Alternative Resolution: Star Washers

  • If this does not resolve your issue, then please contact our technical helpline via phone or email, and we will be able to send you some 'star washers'. These help to keep the wheel in place, and fix onto the axle. This can be on top of, or instead of, the washer and circlip.

Try the following procedure:

  1. Place wheel onto axle
  2. Place star washer on top of axle, aligned correctly (see image) 
  3. Push the sides of the star washer, pushing the opposite side each time. (see image)
  4.  Ensure all of the star washer is pushed onto the axle enough to secure but not too much to create friction on the wheel. Refit wheel cover.