This article will cover the soft fixes for a gearbox on a petrol lawnmower.

If neither the cable or the belt are affected, and everything is properly in place, then it could mean that your gearbox is at fault. You can replace the gearbox by purchasing it through our helpline or website, and fitting it by the following steps:

  1. Drain the mower of all fluids (Oil and fuel) and remove air filter.
  2. Turn the mower upside down so the blade is facing upwards.
  3. Remove the plastic wheel covers(Pop off with a screwdriver).
  4. Remove the spring hook from both sides (Image 1, see below).
  5. Remove 13mm nut from the wheels, then slide wheels off.
  6. Using circlip pliers, carefully remove the 10mm circlip holding the gear onto the axle (image 3, see below).
  7. Remove the gear, drive pin and plastic wheel guard from the axle.
  8. With a screwdriver/spring pull/pliers carefully pull the gearbox spring off the gearbox (This can be difficult and fiddly).
  9. Remove the gearbox drive belt by pushing the belt off the drive pulley on the gearbox (again this can be difficult and fiddly).
  10. Once the gearbox is free (apart from the cable)carefully pull the gearbox and axle upwards and out of the mower.
  11. Use rat nose or similar thin pliers to squeeze the gearbox cable push fit, this should just pull out afterwards (Image 4, see below).
  12. Now the gearbox will be free.
  13. To remove the gearbox from axle remove the circlips from each side holding the gearbox bushes (Image 5, see below).
  14. Carefully remove the old gearbox from the axle (Push the long side of the gearbox through the axle holes, only when bushes are removed completely).
  15. To fit new gearbox follow above instructions in reverse.

If you are unable to do this procedure, please contact our helpline. If you are within the warranty period, then we can arrange a collection and repair.