This article will cover the soft fixes you can take to make height adjustment run smoothly.

Firstly check the full range of movement by pulling the handle and moving it forward and backward throughout its full range of movement

Please ensure that the height adjustment lever returns and locks securely into the height selector teeth. If it does not, check that the height adjustment spring is in place. See this picture for one of the versions of this part:

Connection Rod 

The rod extends from the back to the front of the mower, usually on the left-hand side. It allows both axles to move together when you use the height-adjustment levers.

  1.  Please ensure that the connecting rod spring is securely attached to the deck at the front of the lawnmower and to the connecting rod.
  2. Please ensure that the connecting rod is connected to the front and rear axles which are fitted with cotter pins and spring clips or a small bolt and nut.
  3. Please ensure these are in place and secure which will allow both axles to move throughout their full range of motion.