This article will cover the procedure when replacing the blade adapter on your petrol lawnmower.


Above your blade there is a cast alloy piece which is called the adapter. It is also known as the blade carrier or boss. It fixes the blade in position with the crank shaft, which goes up into the engine. The adapter plays an essential role in protecting the engine. If the blades hit into something on the lawn, the adapter is designed to take as much of the pressure as possible. It ruptures and cracks. You will notice the blade is no longer secure and the mower vibrates and wobbles. You must replace the adapter to continue using the mower.

^ Long shaft blade adapter

The procedure for the majority of our mowers is this:

  1. Check if it is damaged. If you can't see any problem, then it may be the crank itself which has been affected - this is not ordinarily fixable.
  2. Remove blade from adapter by unscrewing the blade bolt with a socket wrench or spanner.
  3. Remove drive belt from around the pulley part of the adapter, if it is in place.
  4. Look out for the 'parallel key' which should be slotted vertically down the side of the adapter, keeping it fixed & stable.
  5. Carefully pull off the old adapter.
  6. Fix on the new blade adapter, ensuring the parallel key is in place.
  7. Hook on the drive belt onto the pulley.
  8. Attach the blade onto the lugs at the bottom of the adapter.
  9. Screw the blade bolt back on. Please double check this is tight and the blade is in position correctly.

Procedure for the XSZ40E:

  1. In this machine, the adapter is made up of two parts, this disc pulley and the T-shaped casting.
  2. The two parts twist in together. (See image below)
  3. Pull the belt pulley to the top of the crank shaft. Like so:
  4. Slot the blade adapter into place ensuring the 2 engagement clips are aligned (1st image) and turn anti clockwise to fit into the belt pulley.
  5. Push the blade adapter and pulley down - they should now be connected.
  6. Place the blade onto the blade adapter and tighten blade bolt to correct tension - please double check this is tight and the blade is in position correctly.