This article will cover the procedure when changing the drive belt on your petrol lawnmower.

Replacing the belt is a standard procedure. It can occasionally come off the two pulleys during usage. You will also need to partially take off the belt whenever you replace the blades, and the control cables.

Please follow this procedure for the drive belt (the image is for an out-of-date model, but still applies to current models):

  1. Feed belt over blade (but not onto pulley B at this time).
  2. Feed the belt under the belt shield of the mower body.
  3. Feed pulley around pulley A (the gear box, shown in silver will tip to provide tension).
  4. Line up the belt with Pulley B.
  5. Rotate the blade, using a glove, to walk the belt on to pulley B.

For some models, it will help if you also remove the belt cover. This is the plastic shield-covering in between the blades and the gearbox. It can be removed by loosening the two screws and fixing bolt which keep it in place.