This article covers the soft fixes for the Wi-Fi and app issues you may be experiencing. 


How To Use The App For The Amiro 400i

How To Use The App For The X-I Series

When registering and setting up your mower to connect it with the Wi-Fi and the app, we recommend:

  1. Placing the mower next to your wi-fi router, along with your phone. 
  2. Setting it up this way will ensure that there is no chance of a broken connection. 
  3. When operating the mower, try and keep within the reach of the Wi-Fi.

Control Panel Wi-Fi LED

  • If you cannot connect the mower to the Wifi, then try resetting the mower to factory settings. See 'How to factory reset'.

MOWAP 'Mower Aide' APP (only AMIRO & X-i series) :


  • Does not accept QR Code: Insert your serial number, which you can find on the machine's technical data sticker / name plate.
  • Does not recognise robot-mower: Reset mower to factory settings and retry.


Close the app and follow the “direct mode" settings and shown in the instruction booklet:

  1.  First, close the APP.
  2.  Switch off the machine.
  3.  Hold the Wi-Fi button down and at the same time switch the power on, still holding the Wi-Fi button down for 5secs - beep sounds will be heard.
  4.  Release the Wi-Fi button.
  5.  Next open the Mow APP and select "Direct mode".
  6.  Go to your phone's Wi-Fi and select the Wi-Fi with the robot serial number and connect. 
  7.  The Mac address will be showing. (*Note: to contact our customer service regarding any problems with your Wi-Fi, please take a photo or screen grab of the picture, because the 'Mac address' will be required*).
  8.  Input your machine's pin code.