1. Insert the suction pipe into the device and screw into place.

2. Hook the shoulder strap onto the device.

Charging the Battery

Please ensure:-

  • To remove the batteries from the charger after it has been full charged.
  • That the batteries are fully charged before first use.
  • That the mains voltage is the same as the rating label which is located on the charger.
  • To only use the 20v original battery pack.

How to charge the battery

  1. Connect the charger to a power supply(when connected the red LED will light up).
  2. To insert the battery pack into the charger, align the raised ribs of the battery pack with the grooves of the charger then push it in.
  3. The red LED light on the charger will light up followed by green LED light flashing during charging.
  4. After the charging is complete, the charger light will turn to a solid green light. 
  5. Once the battery is fully charged, depress the battery release button and then remove the battery pack.

Starting your Blower/Vac

Before starting the product please ensure:-

  • That there are no apparent faults .The device must only be put into operation if no faults are found, if any part of the device is defective, it must be replaced before the next use.
  • To check all parts are fitted tightly and correctly.
  • Check whether there are any visible defects: broken parts, cracks, etc.
  1. Insert the battery pack
  • Align the groove on the battery pack with the corresponding ribs in the receptacle of the device.
  • Insert the battery pack with moderate force until it locks in to place.

2. Attach the collection bag

  • Hook the front of the collection bag to the device as shown.
  • Insert the nozzle of the collection bag as far as it will go into the device – Ensure that the bag has slotted into place securely.

3. Selecting the operation mode

  • Set adjustment lever to vacuum (A) or blower (B).
  • When using as a leaf vacuum: insert the collection bag as shown into the device and ensure that it clicks into place.
  •  When using as a leaf blower: press the unlocking button and remove the collection bag.

4. Switching the product on or off

  • Set the On/Off switch to position (1–5) to switch the appliance on.
  • Set the On/Off switch to position (0) to switch the appliance off.

5. Setting the the blower or Vacuum Speed

  • Set the On/Off switch to the required blowing or vacuuming speed.