Warnings and panel errors have appeared on your robot mower. This article will cover what each LED indicates and what steps or actions you may need to take.


The LED on the lock button is flashing red rapidly and/or no input is possible

  • If this is the first time you are booting up your robot mower press the lock button 4 times. This will unlock the robot mower for use, this is indicated by the LED switching off on your lock button.
  • If you have entered in a code prior this will need to be entered before you can access the functionality of the machine. You may have forgotten your passcode, to reset this you will need to read our related article on how to set your pin code at the bottom of this page.

The LED on the working time button is flashing blue and the robot returns to the station

  • The Robot mower may not be within its usual working time. Outside of the daily time, you have set for the mower press the working time button. This should remain blue and the robot will work normally.

The LED for the lift signal is red, this assumes the robot is off the ground

  • Check underneath the robot for any blockages and have this removed. 
  • If the LED still remains red after the previous step performs a factory reset on the machine. We have an article on how to factory reset your mower located at the bottom of this article.

The LED is red on the battery indicator with the mower returning to the station

  • The battery is running low and will need to be charged. This will happen even when the robot is within its working time.

  • The robot mower will always return to the docking station when it needs to charge. Once in the docking station, the charging LED above will start to flash, indicating that it has started to charge. Once the battery is full the LED will be constantly lit.

The LED is flashing red on the signal indicator when in its docking station

  • This is perfectly normal as when the robot mower enters its docking station this is deemed as "out of bounds" for the machine. It will then finish its charge and function as normal.

If you are still having an issue with your product after performing the above checks, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team via our live chat.