If you find your robot mower going round in circles, you should check the below solutions to help rectify the problem.


Is there a problem with your garden setup?

One of the most common causes of this issue is a boundary wire or charging station configuration problem. Alternatively, if you've been using a robot mower for a while without issue something may have disturbed your setup.

Here' what to check:

  • The docking station - ensure the docking station is on flat ground, this ensures the robot enters the station smoothly. The station needs to face outward and have a space of 2m to enable the robot to dock.

  • The boundary wire - Fortunately, your charging station identifies if there is an issue with the boundary wire. If you see a flashing light on the back of the station your boundary wire is either broken or disconnected.

    • Inspect the boundary wire around the garden to locate any damage, then repair using the repair kit provided with your robot mower. An article covering this procedure can be accessed by clicking here.

You can check out our Installing the boundary wire and charging station correctly article for information on setting up the docking station and boundary wire.


Tip: If you can't find a break in the boundary wire check it has been correctly attached to the base station.

Is there a build-up of debris under your robot mower?

  • Ensuring that the wheels are free from grass and other debris is essential as it can hinder the movement of the machine. While the machine is turned off, turn the mower over to identify any build-up of debris, checking the wheels closely. 

You may be experiencing signal interference

  •  A common reason for signal interference is if a neighbour has a robot mower using the same signal as you. Two separate signals can be used as standard with the machine. Making sure that you use a different one as your neighbour will eliminate any interference. This can be done by pressing either S1 or S2 on the back of your charging station. Please the choose the same one S1 or S2 on the robot mower itself by pressing on the button for it. You will know that this is done correctly as an LED will appear the one you select.

If you are still having an issue with your product after performing the above checks, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team via our live chat.

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