You have noticed a difference in the amount of sound that your robot mower is creating. Most of the main causes are easily fixed with a few minor tweaks.


A damaged blade

  • A damaged blade can cause an increase in noise. Please check your blade for damage or wear. If appropriate change these out by unscrewing them from the blade carrier beneath the product. Then screw in your new blades to the bottom of the carrier.
  • A free pack of blades is supplied in the box of every robot lawnmower. You can purchase more by visiting your specific mower on our spares parts section of the website.

Ensuring screws are tight

  • If the blade looks loose or the screw itself looks like it needs tightening, this may be causing the noise issue. Please have this tightened but remember to still give the blade room to move freely.

The grass is too long for the robot mower to cut

  • Changing the robot mowers cutting height to a higher setting will make cutting the grass more manageable for the mower. Cutting the grass prior with a regular lawnmower to a more suitable height for the robot mower would also help.

Motor failure

  • If your robot mowers motor is failing this can be seen through a slow or stuttering cutting. If this is occurring contact our live chat team through our website.

Dirt trapped under the blade carrier

  • If dirt ends up getting trapped underneath the blade carrier the noise generated will go up considerably. Addressing these concerns is pretty simple and requires the unit to be powered off and placed with its blades facing the sky so you can get a clear view underneath. Please remove the 3 screws holding the blade carrier on then place the blade carrier to one side. Clear any debris or dirt that is necessary and screw the carrier back on.

If you are still having an issue with your product please don't hesitate to reach out to our team via our live chat after performing the above checks.