This article will cover the cleaning of the carburettor on your petrol product.

Please ensure the following before you start the procedure:

  • Firstly, ensure you are using the correct PPE to handle petrol within your machine. 
  • Please also ensure that you have a metal tin available to catch the drained fluid which will flow from the machine.

  • First have the metal bowl ready under the bolt to ensure that the fluid will all be collected.
  • Next please remove carburettor drain bolt using a 10mm spanner or socket. You will need to turn the bolt anti-clockwise.


  • As soon as the bolt is removed the fluid will flow out. Please ensure that you have the metal tin/bowl placed below where the liquid will eject out.
  • If the fuel tank is full this will continue to flow until it is empty.
  • Please ensure that all the fluid has drained out and the bolt is tightly screwed back in once complete.
  • After this please dispose of the fuel collected in the metal tin/bowl correctly.
  • Finally fill the tank with fresh fuel.