This article will cover the basic steps you will need to take during the winter months to ensure your robot will be ready in full working order for the next cutting season.

During winter, keep your mower, docking station, and power supply in a dry place.

We recommend a shed, garage or preferably store it indoors.

Prepare your device for winter storage as follows:

1. Fully recharge the battery.

2. Set the mains power switch to "OFF".

3. Thoroughly clean your Robotic Mower.

4. Unplug the power supply from the mains outlet.

5. Disconnect the power supply from the docking station.

6. Disconnect the boundary wire from the docking station. Lift up the docking station and clean.

The boundary wire can remain outside. However, it is imperative to protect the wire against corrosion. We recommend a water-free grease or suitable sealing tape.

7. If available, repack the product in the original packaging.

Alternatively, our service centre offers a winter service for your device. This will include a check-up

of all parts and - if available - a software upgrade.

If you still have any further questions about this procedure please get in contact with us by clicking here.